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  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 10:57pm

    Edit: Apologies to ArenaNet if it truly wasn't their decision, hopefully the terms will change sooner rather than later. 


    Recently in a forum thread, a member of the community asked why Guild Wars 2 videos are now being flagged on youtube. ArenaNet replied stating:


    "You cannot use the monetization system for YouTube or other services. In order words, you cannot make money from our products. YouTube will often note that someone has monetized copyright content, and they will summarily (and properly) close the videos or close the accounts of those involved. You don’t mention if you were using the monetization system, but if you were, you should close the video and re-upload without monetization, or you should disable monetization through the YouTube interface. Now, I should say that this policy may be adjusted in some ways, in the future. We will be sure to let people know if the policies change. But at the current time, that is what is stated in the Guild Wars 2 Content Terms of Use and that is what should be observed."


    Guild Wars 2 videos across YouTube are being widely flagged meaning absolutely NO Guild Wars 2 videos are able to be monetized, with the exception of corporate approved videos. This has a large possibility to stunt or even stop some of your favorite Guild Wars 2 YouTubers from putting out Guild Wars 2 content. Being as some YouTubers put in hours upon hours into videos, there will be little motivation to invest that amount of time into pushing out Guild Wars 2 content if it is not being monetized. Woodenpotatoes, Dontain, TeamParadigm, TubeElephant and GetBonked are just a few out of many recognizable Guild Wars 2 YouTubers that currently monetize videos. In addition to YouTubers this recent policy change could affect popular Guild Wars 2 podcasts such as GuildCast and Tales of Tyria, if they are being monetized they will not be able to display Guild Wars 2 content during the podcast. If this crosses over into streaming (Twitch / Own3dtv / etc.) it will crush any aspiring streamers as having a partnership will not be worth anything. This would also deeply cripple any E-Sports ambitions that GW2 currently has going for it; popular players would have little incentive to stream and tournament hosts, streaming their event live, will not be able to bring in any additional revenue to aid in providing money for the tournament.


    If restrictions are placed on finding methods to provide an income through the exhibition of GW2 content it would dramatically reduce the chances of players being able to support themselves and teams trying to support their players. All this being said, we sincerely hope ArenaNet changes this policy as soon as possible. Otherwise, our favorite YouTubers / Streamers / and other Guild Wars 2 content producers could begin to dropping off the map.


    I mean we all love ArenaNet, I've followed them for the past 3 years loving everything they've done. We at Team Paradigm have been supporting GW2 from day 1 and love the game, the developers and the community that surrounds the game. But the widespread flagging of videos is unacceptable in my opinion, it will hurt so many different things at this stage; not to mention if it spreads to other media platforms.

     GW2 Thread:


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  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 11:11pm

    Ouch, we'll see if this changes after a while from all of the negative feedback.

  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 11:36pm

    They are killing themself . 

    Best suicide i ever seen so far .

  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 11:46pm

    They did say it's possible their policy will change in the future, still some hope!

  • Wed 19th Sep 2012 - 11:58pm

    Make sure that arenanet knows what u feel about this .

    Otherwise nothing will happen 

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 - 3:55am

    A response from Arenanet!

    Technically, it’s against the current Guild Wars 2 Content Terms of Use for people to make money through such things as monetizing a Guild Wars 2 video. However, we support people sharing their experiences with our game. (Heck, we <3 people doing that!) So while we want to do the right thing and accurately relay what the CToU says — because that’s often the question — we do not take action when fan sites support themselves via ads, and we don’t take action when the creators of fan videos place ads. In other words, we do not flag such videos. -GaileGray

    *puts away Arenanet-labeled pitchforks*

    *brings out NCSoft-labeled pitchforks*

    Honestly, this was expected. I've known Arenanet for a while and anyone else in a similar position could tell flagging monotized videos would be out of their character... They absolutely love their fanbase!

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 - 8:09am

    No matter if it is ArenaNet or NCsoft the bottom line is unless you are a major player in the gamming industry you are screwed from monitizing YouTube videos and possibly live streams. Sorry but I put in between 1 and 4 hours of work on my videos. Part of it is because I am a small fry and can't afford the best system and software for encoding videos. However, I am not going to be doing anymore Guild Wars 2 videos now as my time is worth money, even if it is only a measley $0.10 per add.

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  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 - 10:11am

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012 - 11:09am

    The only major problem I can see with this would be if streams wern't allowed to monetise the content however that's highly unlikely due to the fact that you need to be partnered to advertise and streaming services should have the rights to display ads on content, same thing with YouTube if you want to make money you need to be partnered to a group who are allowed to monetise game content (TGS, Machinima etc).

    Trying to make money off content has always been the case with games/music on YouTube if you aren't partnered because of the rights needed. It's also worth noting this is NCSoft's terriotry not ANet's considering content is being flagged for 'plaync' content and it's the publisher that controls these kinds of things rather than the dev, even if it's against the ToS (if they aren't indie).

  • Fri 21st Sep 2012 - 2:24pm

    They are killing themself .

    Best suicide i ever seen so far .

    Yep, agree!

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