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  • Mon 20th Aug 2012 - 6:55pm

    In order to apply you must use the given questions in an application via E-mail. 

    If you post your application in another forum thread it will not be considered. 

    It must be via Email
    Contact Email:

    Application Questions




    State (If applicable):

    Contact (Skype & Email):


    What is your personality like both out and in-game?


    Are you aiming to be in one of Team Paradigm’s GW2 E-Sports teams?


    How many hours can you put in per day?


    How many days a week?


    What days can you not play?


    What is your current life situation (Single/In a Relationship/Married), (Unemployed, Part-Time, Full Time)?


    Do you know anyone currently in Team Paradigm that can vouch for you as a player?


    List any E-Sports events you have attended in the last 7 years:


    Note: (*) = There must be some sort of proof attached (Pictures, Online Statistics, Screenshots, Armories, and Contact References).

    List any game you have played at a top level and your achievements in each (Achievements must be PvP related to be considered):* 



    List any online/offline events you have competed in, in the last 7 years:*



    List any professional E-Sports teams you may have played on, in the last 7 years:*



    What profession(s) are you interested in playing?



    Which profession are considering to main?


    Are there any specific professions not interested in playing?


    What role(s) on a team do you prefer to play?


    List your computer specifications:


    List your Internet Upload and Download speed (


    Are you able to stream in HD?


    Are you able to record gameplay in HD?


    Have you played during the Beta Weekend events / Stress Tests?


    If you have any gameplay footage of you playing during either the BWEs or Stress Tests, please link the footage here:







    Thank you for applying, if you do not receive an email back it is either the fact that we did not feel that the application was up to standard or we could have skipped over it. If we find your application exceptional we will respond within one week.


    Be sure to send the application to:


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